4 thoughts on “Authenticate APEX via Token

  1. Really Appreciate @Peter Raganitsch. This is very helpful to authenticate user through token. I will try this in my application where user need to authenticate from Oracle Fusion. Thanks again for sharing such cool stuff.


  2. this is great for mobile devices. We use Windows-pass-through Authentication on our PCs, but had to log on manually from our iOS devices.
    Now our users request a single URL with token on the PC once a week. The URL ist automatically sent to the iOS devices. No more fiddeling in the field.

  3. When using method 1: If a new session is created, how do you make the token value available to the new session for using later in the application? I’ve tried using the set_session_state after just before returning true in the function, but when asking for the values in the application later, they are null. How do you achieve this? Do you have to insert the values in a database table, or is there a better way? Thanks in advance.

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