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Quick note: I finally managed to get the APEX Developer Addon signed by Mozilla and therefor working again in Firefox 43 upwards.

Please re-download and install, version of the Addon in Firefox is now No changes for Chrome.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for all those mails I got.

After the APEX Developer Addon broke in Chrome 27, I had to change the underlying architecture and do a rewrite of the Addon basis.

Some nice guys helped me Beta-Test that over the last week. Now it should be good to go.

With Chrome Version 27 a security bug in the browser was fixed which caused the APEX Developer Addon to break.

Thanks to all sending me a reply about that, i’m currently working on a fix and hope to be able to provide that soon.

In the meantime please stay calm and use Firefox instead.

P.S.: no, the APEX Developer Addon didn’t exploit a security hole. It is just an unhappy coincidence that fixing one security problem broke our extension.

I just released a new Version of the ApexLib APEX Developer Addon, a great tool that brings more features and functionality to your APEX Application Builder without installing anything in your Database.

It is a simple Addon for Firefox and Chrome Browsers, and can be installed in a few easy steps.

I hope you all heard the good news, Oracle APEX 4.2 is out !

Following an old APEX Tradition the announcement was done on the weekend (for a short moment it even popped up on friday night), thanks guys !

Go get it: http://otn.oracle.com/apex

In my previous Post i tried to shed some light on all the different areas ApexLib is covering.

This time I’d like to tell you about the future of the ApexLib Framework on and after Oracle Application Express 4.2.

From time to time I can see some confusion around ApexLib and what it really is. A Framework? Plugins? Tools? Developer Addon?

Lets tell the whole story from the beginning…

What a wonderful day, good things are getting even better.

Not only do we have best spring weather in Vienna with blue sky, sunshine, 20 degrees Celsius and an office with sundeck. This is also the day we officially announce a new business union.

It’s been a long while since i blogged about a Tool i started to write which would replace the original APEX XLIFF Export and produce XLIFF 1.2 compliant Files instead.

The Benefit is breathtaking, suddenly your Translators are able to know what they are translating – that means where the text they are working on is used. e.g. on the Action-Button in Region XY on Page 234.

This can help your Translators delivering better and more meaningful Translations.

Do you ever wanted to have Syntax Highlighting in the APEX Application Builder?

Or Keyboard Shortcuts for Save, Run, Next and others?

What about efficient and quick Navigation through the Application Builder? e.g. Jump directly from Edit Page to Application Items?