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Important things first: i just uploaded ApexLib Framwork 2.1.3, which is a minor bugfixing release.

Biggest thing in there is a bugfix regarding Hotkeys for Buttons. Under certain circumstances the button was triggered twice, which shouldn’t happen anymore.

I got a couple of questions over the last weeks regarding the ApexLib Framework and Oracle APEX 4.0.

  • Is ApexLib still under active development?
  • Do we need ApexLib on APEX 4.0?
  • What about my applications using ApexLib, can i upgrade to APEX 4.0?

In short: you don’t need to worry.

Today i released the new Version 2.1 of the ApexLib Framework.

This is a maintenance release containing some bug fixes and new features.

Have you ever tried to create a truly interactive Form with APEX?

Struggling with JavaScript, AJAX calls in APEX, Application Processes and still it doesn’t work as you like?

Using the new ApexLib 2.1 all you need to do is create a PL/SQL Page Process and call it from a button with apexlib.process.executePageProcess.