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It’s finally done !

ApexLib Version 2.0 is released, go over there and download it and enjoy the new functions.

ApexLib 2.0 now uses the latest version of jQuery 1.3.2 .

When it comes to boolean values in the database there are many many different approaches, e.g. you can define a table column of data type number and use 1 or 0 as boolean values.
But there is much more and some of the solutions are better than others.

One of the drawbacks of web applications compared to rich client applications is that most of the time they lack keyboard shortcut support.
How often have you heard from a user that he wants to press a key instead of moving the mouse to click on a button?

Ever got a customer request saying: “When i enter a number in this field i want to display the corresponding name over there as soon as i leave the field” ?

That’s the point where you tell your customer something about using a LOV instead or reloading the page or something else, because APEX lacks declarative AJAX functionality.

No Problem anymore,

The first time i used ApexLib in a Project i thought
“Man, this is cool stuff!”,
directly followed by another thought:
“Why is this so awful complicated to add to my application? There need to be a one-click installation so everyone can use it!”.