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Kurz notiert: am 4.11.2016 gibts ein APEX Frühstücks-Meetup mit vielen neuen Infos zu Oracle APEX.

Bitte hier anmelden: https://www.meetup.com/orclapex-Vienna/events/234665282/

As announced on Twitter, Oracle APEX Patchset 5.0.4 is released. Download the full release or get the Patch 23192730 from support.oracle.com.

What’s new/changed, besides the obvious listed in the Patch Release notes?

Currently there are multiple positions open for APEX Developers locally in Vienna/Austria.

Hi everyone and happy “new” year!

This year’s resolution is to do even more APEX. Is this possible, you might ask?

Sure, for example on Feb 19 2015 at our next orclapex Vienna Meetup.

Hope to see you there. Patrick and Christian will provide us with the latest news of APEX 5 and tell us more about Early Adopter #3.

Don’t waste any more time: RSVP yes.

For a long while now I’m having this idea to initiate an APEX group on some social network to bring APEX Fans together and have regular meetings in my hometown Vienna, Austria.

This idea in mind I met Dan McGhan at APEX World 2014 in Zeist, Netherlands. While talking about this and that we discovered that we both are fans of meetup.com which is a platform to organize meeting groups.

Of course we instantly decided this is the way to go and as soon as we are back home each of us sets up a group in his hometown. Me in Vienna and Dan in New York City.

Suddenly a big thunder rolled through the APEX community -> Version 5.0 has arrived in an early adopter version, as published on Joel Kallmans Blog (as usual on a friday, late night over here in europe).

apex.oracle.com has been upgraded on Sept 6th 2013 to Version, which means a release of APEX 4.2.3 is close.

I hope you all heard the good news, Oracle APEX 4.2 is out !

Following an old APEX Tradition the announcement was done on the weekend (for a short moment it even popped up on friday night), thanks guys !

Go get it: http://otn.oracle.com/apex

In my previous Post i tried to shed some light on all the different areas ApexLib is covering.

This time I’d like to tell you about the future of the ApexLib Framework on and after Oracle Application Express 4.2.

A moment we’ve been waiting for a long time: the FOEX Website has been released!

What is FOEX?

I’m sure you read the last few blogposts, telling about our cooperation and what we plan to do.

Now everything is polished up so that you can take a look and check out our Demos.