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You might be wondering what is going on behind the scenes.

We’ve previously talked a little about our joint venture and what we are planning to do,and now you are probably wondering when it all begins?

After last weeks announcement that Matt Nolan and I are going to work together we got many tweets and mails asking what it is we are planning to do.

As everyone knows Matt is a wizard when it comes to complex Plugins, especially when using ExtJS.

Today (Tuesday March 27th 2012) started the first ODTUG APEX Plugin Competition. This is a chance for everybody to submit their self created Plugins to get reviewed, judged and maybe win one of the many Prizes available.

Plugins will be judged upon skill level of its creator. That means beginners and experts will not be in the same category, to make it fair to everyone.

What a wonderful day, good things are getting even better.

Not only do we have best spring weather in Vienna with blue sky, sunshine, 20 degrees Celsius and an office with sundeck. This is also the day we officially announce a new business union.

A couple of days ago the first Patchset for APEX 4.1 was released: APEX 4.1.1.

Read all about the Patchset, Download Options and more in the Blog Posts of Roel, Patrick, Mike, Dimitri and many others. Or simply go to APEX on OTN.

After i downloaded and installed (flawless, thanks for that guys and girls!) APEX 4.1.1 i compared it with APEX 4.1 to see what has changed (besides the obvious).

It’s been a long while since i blogged about a Tool i started to write which would replace the original APEX XLIFF Export and produce XLIFF 1.2 compliant Files instead.

The Benefit is breathtaking, suddenly your Translators are able to know what they are translating – that means where the text they are working on is used. e.g. on the Action-Button in Region XY on Page 234.

This can help your Translators delivering better and more meaningful Translations.

Mark Sewtz just revealed a secret: Oracle APEX already contains more support for mobile Applications as expected.

I had to try it out and see what’s new.

Since Version 4.1 of Oracle APEX – with it’s changed Error Handling – ApexLib didn’t work anymore. The changes in Oracle APEX 4.1 lead to compilation errors in APEXLIB_ERROR-Package.

Martin Giffy D’Souza is running for the ODTUG Board of Directors. I think this is a great idea, Martin is always very active in the APEX Community and tries to pass his knowledge further on.

If he gets voted onto the ODTUG Board of Directors he’ll take care that APEX is further promoted with and thru ODTUG.

Read all about this on his Blog and – if you are a full member of ODTUG – vote for him.

In my Opinion Vienna (Austria) is growing into one of the most important Places for APEX Enthusiasts to be. Not only are 2 Developers of the international APEX Development Team situated in Vienna (Patrick and Chris), but also is there a growing number of Events, Workshops and APEX Users (as Developer or as End User) in the local APEX Community.