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You might be wondering what is going on behind the scenes.

We’ve previously talked a little about our joint venture and what we are planning to do,and now you are probably wondering when it all begins?

After last weeks announcement that Matt Nolan and I are going to work together we got many tweets and mails asking what it is we are planning to do.

As everyone knows Matt is a wizard when it comes to complex Plugins, especially when using ExtJS.

What a wonderful day, good things are getting even better.

Not only do we have best spring weather in Vienna with blue sky, sunshine, 20 degrees Celsius and an office with sundeck. This is also the day we officially announce a new business union.

Martin Giffy D’Souza is running for the ODTUG Board of Directors. I think this is a great idea, Martin is always very active in the APEX Community and tries to pass his knowledge further on.

If he gets voted onto the ODTUG Board of Directors he’ll take care that APEX is further promoted with and thru ODTUG.

Read all about this on his Blog and – if you are a full member of ODTUG – vote for him.

In my Opinion Vienna (Austria) is growing into one of the most important Places for APEX Enthusiasts to be. Not only are 2 Developers of the international APEX Development Team situated in Vienna (Patrick and Chris), but also is there a growing number of Events, Workshops and APEX Users (as Developer or as End User) in the local APEX Community.

Just came back to vienna from the APEX Dag 2011 in Zeist/Holland, organized by the dutch Oracle User Group OGH.

What can I say? It was a really good day with lots of interesting speeches and a very interested audience of 250 people !

Wer gerade auf der Suche nach einem geeigneten APEX Workshop in Wien ist, hat hier eine wunderbare Gelegenheit gefunden.

Meine Firma, click-click IT Solutions, veranstaltet zwei Seminare zu Oracle APEX Anfang März in Wien.

Diese Seminare laufen in der Reihe der AOUG Seminare und sind deswegen unfassbar günstig!
Für Mitglieder der AOUG kostet so ein Tag gerade mal EUR 225,- , Nichtmitglieder auch nur EUR 295,- !

Seminar 1: 03.03.2011 APEX Einstieg

Der richtige Einstieg für alle Interessierten, hier bekommen sie einen ganzen Tag lang alles wissenswerte rund um Oracle Application Express vermittelt und “begreifen” Applikationsentwicklung mit gezielten Hands-On Übungen.

Egal ob Entwickler, DBA oder Manager. Nach diesem Tag können sie nicht nur ihre eigene Applikationsentwicklung starten, sondern sie haben auch genug Background um zu entscheiden ob/wie/wo Oracle APEX in ihrem Unternehmen eingesetzt werden kann.

Seminar 2: 04.03.2011 APEX 4.0 new Features

Wer schon Ahnung von Oracle APEX hat, aber die neuen Features der Release 4.0 noch nicht einsetzt, der ist mit diesem Tag richtig beraten.

An diesem Tag dreht sich alles um Interaktivität mit Dynamic Actions, Plugins und den neuen Tabular Form Features.
Aber auch die anderen neuen Features kommen nicht zu kurz:

  • neue Charts und Maps
  • interaktive Reports
  • Team Development
  • REST Webservices
  • uvm.

Lassen sie sich diese einmalige Gelegenheit nicht entgehen und buchen noch heute einen der wenigen noch verfügbaren Plätze direkt auf der AOUG Seminar-Seite.

Niels de Brujin wrote a posting about 10 features he would like to see in APEX 5.0 (which sounds like 2016?, just kidding).

Important things first: i just uploaded ApexLib Framwork 2.1.3, which is a minor bugfixing release.

Biggest thing in there is a bugfix regarding Hotkeys for Buttons. Under certain circumstances the button was triggered twice, which shouldn’t happen anymore.

There is a lot going on this year, many interesting things happen.

Conferences, Events, Workshops, ….