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A moment we’ve been waiting for a long time: the FOEX Website has been released!

What is FOEX?

I’m sure you read the last few blogposts, telling about our cooperation and what we plan to do.

Now everything is polished up so that you can take a look and check out our Demos.

You might be wondering what is going on behind the scenes.

We’ve previously talked a little about our joint venture and what we are planning to do,and now you are probably wondering when it all begins?

After last weeks announcement that Matt Nolan and I are going to work together we got many tweets and mails asking what it is we are planning to do.

As everyone knows Matt is a wizard when it comes to complex Plugins, especially when using ExtJS.

Today (Tuesday March 27th 2012) started the first ODTUG APEX Plugin Competition. This is a chance for everybody to submit their self created Plugins to get reviewed, judged and maybe win one of the many Prizes available.

Plugins will be judged upon skill level of its creator. That means beginners and experts will not be in the same category, to make it fair to everyone.

Roel informed me that my HTML5 input type plugins don’t support the APEX Javascript API’s $v and $s (to retrieve and set the content of the item via Javascript).

After some quick investigations i detected that some Javascript was missing in my Plugin.

Last Week i had a customer requirement for an easy method to enter a date, but only month and year.

Using the Date Picker Item it wasn’t possible to show a popup without the days, so I began a search and found a month picker jQuery Plugin.

Using that it was easy to create an APEX Plugin with simple settings:

A couple of weeks i introduced a Plugin which helps the user to enter a postal address in an APEX Form.

Now i present a Plugin which lets you display an already stored address or location coordinates in a very simple and fast loading Google Map Image (png).

Recently i had to create a Button among Page Items which should execute a Javascript function.

Sounds easy, but standard Page Item Buttons always submit the Page, which isn’t what i wanted.

So i created this little Plugin….

When that little box on that web form you need to fill in is simply too small to show all your information at once, you wish to make the box bigger.

Some browsers let you change the size of text-boxes (textarea), others don’t. So if the programmer of that page doesn’t give the textarea some javascript to be resizeable you are stuck with the given size.