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Yesterday I put a question on twitter, to find out what others prefer: table names using singular or plural form. I expected one or two replies, not an avalanche :-)

As preparation for my Presentation about Worst Practices in Oracle APEX I set up a survey using the Survey Builder Packaged Application.

Please help out and fill in the survey: https://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=80076:Q::AAAW

There will be a follow up post with details on worst practices and survey results.


Thanks for your time,


Nowadays everything should be interactive and Web2.0 and AJAX, and again the Oracle Application Express Development Team has prepared something for us, that makes it easy to give our APEX Applications that interactive touch.

One of the most common errors, and yet not sufficiently answered…

As i was checking my site stats the other day i stumbled across the section “Last search terms” and found there many questions. Obviously people were looking for an answer and somehow landed on this blog.

That, i figured, should be rewarded.