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At yesterdays APEX Meetup in Vienna someone asked if there is a way to switch an Interactive Report programmatically (using Javascript) to Icon / List / Report – View in APEX 5, since gReport doesn’t exist anymore (which could do the job before APEX 5).


Yesterday i needed to find out if the current page of an application is rendered using the public Session 0 (zero).

Seems to be a trivial task, simply look up :APP_SESSION and there you find …

A Question I get over and over again is: how can I position the Cursor in the Interactive Report Search Field when the Page Loads?

Well, the Answer is simple, but not obvious.

At first you have to change the Page Setting Cursor Focus to Do not focus cursor, because the Setting First Item on Page doesn’t count the IR-Search Field as Item.

A couple of days ago the first Patchset for APEX 4.1 was released: APEX 4.1.1.

Read all about the Patchset, Download Options and more in the Blog Posts of Roel, Patrick, Mike, Dimitri and many others. Or simply go to APEX on OTN.

After i downloaded and installed (flawless, thanks for that guys and girls!) APEX 4.1.1 i compared it with APEX 4.1 to see what has changed (besides the obvious).

Today a very important Page of an important APEX Application has accidentially been deleted. We didn’t want to step back to yesterdays backup, because right before the deletion many changes took place and we didn’t want to code that again.

Yesterday i stumbled (for the umpteenth time) over the static LOV limitations in Oracle APEX. I tried to have a comma (“,”) in the Return Value which messed up my LOV, because a comma is a seperation character in the LOV definition.

Ever got a “ORA-01841: (full) year must be between -4713 and +9999, and not be 0” Error when trying to edit an existing user in APEX Administration Panel (Manage Workspaces > Manage Developers and Users) ?

When you create a Form page with the APEX Wizard it puts all the fields in just one column which can create a very long page.

This can reduce the use experience and usability a lot.

Sometimes it is a better way to put the fields in two (maybe three) columns and present them all on one screen. This gives the user the benefit of seeing all the information at once.

Spread the word: SQL Developer 3.0 EA is out AND SQL Developer Datamodeler 3.0 EA is out.

If you missed the latest new: Datamodeler is now FREE (as in “gratis”).

Go get the tools!

Read more about it on Kris Rice Blog

Just a quick note: When you are working with a multilingual/translated APEX Application you sometimes need to join LOV Values in your SELECT Statement.