Hello and welcome to “get along with Oracle and APEX”, a private blog dealing about Oracle stuff in general and lots and lots of Oracle APEX.

My Name is Peter Raganitsch, I’m co-Founder and CEO of FOEX, the home of the best commercial Oracle APEX Plugins worldwide.

Our FOEX Plugin Framework is the ideal extension of APEX when dealing with requirements beyond the core APEX functionality, like Oracle Forms Migrations or other Enterprise APEX applications.

Some might also know me from my other company called “click-click IT Solutions” which I founded in 2010, 2 years before FOEX.

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this Blog are my private opinions and do not necessarily represent the opinion of my employer or anyone else.

Over the years I worked on many free and community projects, including:

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  1. Have been struggling with a problem for some time, and your posts have been helpful, to a point. I’m thinking the point we are having troubles with may be with the design of Apex.

    We are looking to present some Apex apps to the Internet, but we have security concerns that the URL can be manipulated to go to any application (f?p=101 -or whatever you want to try).

    We have been trying to mask this part of the URL without success. I’ve seen a few guides that show, and have experience with, masking with a reverse proxy, but everybody shows manipulating pieces of the URL before the f?p= point.

    I’ve inherited the Apex environment here, and I’m starting to think that because nobody is clamoring about this “security flaw”, that our implementation or our publishing methods are not what they should be.

    We’re on our third SR with Oracle about this, and they haven’t been what I would call helpful. Any suggestions to point us in the right direction?

  2. I am having a dilemma and thought I’d ask you to see if you have any ideas.. I need to call a specific APEX page from with an Oracle Forms application. In doing so I need top pass in a few page items to allow the page to pull up some data to be modified.

    In my testing I am finding APEX is building a new session for PUBLIC USER that does not allow any page items to be set and thus the form is coming up with no data.

    However, if I have an ACTIVE APEX Development session open, it seems to piggyback on that session and open properly.

    Do you know of a way to accomplish the seemingly impossible task of opening an APEX page from an Oracle Forms page, with passed in page item values?

    Thanks again from Sunny New Mexico!!

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