ApexLib 2.2 released

Since Version 4.1 of Oracle APEX – with it’s changed Error Handling – ApexLib didn’t work anymore. The changes in Oracle APEX 4.1 lead to compilation errors in APEXLIB_ERROR-Package.

With ApexLib 2.2 we release a maintenance Version for all those who built APEX Applications with previous versions and want to upgrade to APEX 4.1, without the need of any code changes.

All Applications which worked under APEX 3.x or 4.0 should now work equally under Oracle APEX 4.1 .


There are some small caveats. You cannot mix APEX Errorhandling and ApexLib Errorhandling, especially when using Tabular Forms. Either use only ApexLib Checks for your TabForm, or use only APEX TabForm-Validations. Then everything is fine.

Watch out for my following blogpost about the future of APEX and the ApexLib Framework.

Download Version 2.2. Upgrade from 2.1 is really simple, just re-install the DB-Part.

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