Enhance the APEX 4.0 Search Box

Oracle APEX 4.0 brought us a “Search Application” functionality which helps really a lot.

Not only can you search there for strings in your application code, you also can enter an page-id and jump directly to the page.

This is so good, that i thought i go a little further and improve it even more.

With Version 2.1 of the ApexLib Builder Plugin the search box is even more enhanced and turned into a quick navigation command and search center.

To get an Overview what’s possible just enter a ? (question mark) into the search field and press enter.

So if you want to switch from your page item screen to the plugins simply enter “g pl” into the search box and hit enter.

And it gets even better: with the new ApexLib BuilderPlugin config files we established the Hotkey “Ctrl+Shift+F” which sets the focus into the search field.

So “Ctrl+Shift+F“, then “g ap“, enter and you are at the Application Processes.

Great, isn’t it?

Now go and get the new ApexLib BuilderPlugin and start getting even more productive.

Also: did you know that using the BuilderPlugin you can use the Hotkeys F10 for save, F8 for Run, Ctrl+Shift+E for Edit Page and much more?

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