Known Bugs in Oracle APEX 4.0

Everybody in the Software Industrie knows there is nothing like a bug free software, which is alright if you deal with it in a reasonable manner.

Talk about it, inform your customers, prepare workarounds for the nasty ones and bugfixes/patches for everything else.

Oracle knows all this and provides a list of known bugs/issues with Oracle APEX 4.0.

If you encounter a bug which is not listed there, please report it in the forum (maybe using “Bug” or “Bugreport” in the Subject).

Don’t be shy, even if it turns out not to be a bug, you’ll definitely learn something :-)

Look at a very good example of how fast a bug can be solved as soon as it is reported.

Update 01.12.2010:
For the current Patchset APEX 4.0.2. there is also a list of known bugs

2 thoughts on “Known Bugs in Oracle APEX 4.0

  1. Hi,

    in apex , if we have the apex application on schema1 and the dataobjects are on another application , then when creating the form on a table of schema 2 , we get the option of choosing schema and sequence.

    but though the schema2 is selected sequence is not prefixed with schema.

    Ex:- Schema1 application1
    Schema2 objects.

    create form on schema2 and choose corresponding table and sequences .
    But then also the table is not prefixed as “Schema2.objects”.

    This causes developers to manually change it every where the sequences are used.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nandini Thakur.

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