New release of the APEX Developer Addon

After the APEX Developer Addon broke in Chrome 27, I had to change the underlying architecture and do a rewrite of the Addon basis.

Some nice guys helped me Beta-Test that over the last week. Now it should be good to go.

Now here is the tricky part: if you already use the Developer Addon, then you have to uninstall that and get the new one from the Project Page.

That’s it. Enjoy !

P.S.: if you want to know how the Addon works and how you could build something like this yourself, then come to ODTUG Kscope13. I’m presenting “Pimped APEX Development” on June 24 from 09:45-10:45 .

P.P.S: for those who can’t go to Kscope: don’t worry, i’ll release a blogpost when i’m back.

4 thoughts on “New release of the APEX Developer Addon

  1. Hi Peter,

    I downloaded the latest version of the plug-in and noticed it is an .exe file (it used to be a .js script).

    Unfortunately, I cannot execute that file extension in an OS other than Windows. Is there any reason for the change?

    In the mean time, I will keep using the older version. Thank you for this great add-on.

    Best regards,


  2. Hi Erick,

    the old implementation using Greasemonkey on FF and a Userscript-js (FF and Chrome) stopped working in Chrome due to tightened security things.

    We then switched to use a cross-browser-Addon-Framework called When you now download the extension it gives you the matching installation script for your browser. Since you got a .exe I guess you used IE to download that?
    In FF you should get a .xpi, in Chrome a .crx file.

    Btw: you can use the same download-link to download the addon from within all browsers you want.

    Please switch to the new version, since the old one isn’t up to date anymore.

  3. Hi Peter,

    You are completely right, my apologies.

    I was trying to download the add-on from a Windows PC where the default browser is IE.

    When I copied and pasted the URL to Firefox, I got the correct file.

    Thanks again for this amazing framework.



  4. Peter,

    The new chrome version has messed with the developer bar. It does not initialize anymore. Can you take a look?

    Version: 36.0.1985.125 m


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