Remove the screen reader link from your APEX Footer without breaking the UT Subscription

That’s a looong title, right?

I got a questions like that in the past year on a regular basis: “do you know how to remove the Set Screen Reader Mode On link from an APEX application footer without breaking the universal theme subscription?”

sample_database_applicationAnd I always had to say “never tried, but there must be a way”. Today was finally the day when I wanted to get rid of the message from one of my applications, so I tried a few things and finally found a good solution. And a better solution.

At first, the good solution:

Since I love to dig around APEX API’s I found this nugget: APEX_UTIL.GET_SCREEN_READER_MODE_TOGGLE

I played around with it and voila, when you pass empty strings the link disappears:


But that isn’t really cool, is it? Having an Application Process to overwrite some message seems kinda dirty. So there must be a better solution.

Next step I got back to my old friend, the documentation. I looked into the Application Builder Users Guide and found the solution right there.

Ah, no. That was good hope, and works most of the time, but not this time.

My next guess was since this is a text, it has to show up in different languages. So I searched the APEX application builder files in several languages and finally found 2 Text Messages:


Instead of that PL/SQL snippet before we could now try to set those Text Messages (Shared Components)


Just set the text to a blank (whitespace) and we successfully removed the link:


Tadaaaa !

11 thoughts on “Remove the screen reader link from your APEX Footer without breaking the UT Subscription

  1. So, if I were a screen-reader user how would I turn the reader feature on? Would this make your application un-usable by blind or partially-sighted users?

    Ideally, having the screen reader mode On always and then hiding the toggle would be a good,solution.

  2. This is perfect!

    Now, how do you remove the version that was left to the Screen reader link?


  3. Hi Peter, I use that version field for other purposes so in my case I’ll have to live with it.


  4. Nothing Just past this code

    .t-Footer {

    At your apex page designer -> Page properties -> Inline in CSS tab

  5. Thanks you both guys ! with your help I managed to get rig of those ugly messages! …hahha!

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