Change color of List Divider in mobile APEX Applications

This is a quick one, if you have followed my other mobile blog posts.

When creating the mobile guide to the AOUG Conference 2013 (taking place June 17 and 18 in a historic Brewery in Vienna, Austria), i found myself creating a new theme using the themeroller, but still not getting the perfect result i wanted.

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Improve the APEX mobile Theme

I finally can start on a new mobile Application, for the first time using Oracle APEX 4.2.1 for a productive mobile App.

All my other mobile Applications have been built with previous Versions of APEX and my self made themes.

So apologies for writing that blogpost so late. But better late than never, right?

If you already developed some mobile Apps with APEX 4.2 you might have found the offered functionalities and templates a good start, but still with room for improvement.

So here are my ideas, maybe one or two things are picked up by the APEX Dev team and included in 4.2.2
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