Upcoming Conferences/Events 2010

There is a lot going on this year, many interesting things happen.

Conferences, Events, Workshops, ….

Just a couple of months ago i founded my company click-click IT Solutions, which is an old dream come true.

Besides building up my company, earning money and growing my network there are some interesting conferences in good old Europe i’m going to attend as speaker:

  1. APEX Total – DOAG SIG Conference on October 7 in Berlin and October 8 in München/Munich
  2. APEXPosed 2010 at October 27-28 in Brussels
  3. DOAG Conference 2010 at November 16-18 in Nürnberg/Nuremberg

These conferences and our APEX 4.0 Workshop in Vienna September 13-18 together are a lot for my first year :-)

Hope to meet many interesting people at these events, maybe just drop a note or a comment if you want to go for a glass of milk/coke/beer/cocktail/whatever.

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