APEX 4.0 Pre-Production seen in Wildlife!

An interesting weekend, the first day since many weeks in Austria having more sunshine than rain, summer finally arrived in Vienna.
Everyone is out there enjoying the fine weather, eating ice cream and have a good time.

Everyone?No, a small group of APEX enthusiasts are glued to their monitors since Patrick started to leak informations (also here on Twitter) APEX 4.0 would be released soon.

After attending many conferences and events where Oracle told (since early 2008) how fantastic APEX 4.0 will be (and myself talking to countless customers about whats there to come and how fantastic it will be), it comes finally true.

Enough said: go to http://apex.oracle.com and try APEX 4.0 online. Since this is a pre-production release you cannot download it now, but this is one step closer than the Early-Adopter releases :-)

Spread the Word: APEX 4.0 is out finally coming!

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