APEX Version differences – #JoelKallmanDay

The two things I love most about APEX are its community and the ability to extend it and build new tools around it.

The most animating and passionate figure in the APEX community was Joel. Nobody else lived the community idea as much as him, got others included and made everyone equally feel rightfully at home. Joel had this wonderful gift of making everyone feel important and part of the gang (the posse).

This makes it just so easy to try to also do something for the community and give back, even if it is just a little something. (This is a hurtful reminder to myself to blog more….).

Anyway, todays topic is a little tool I wrote a few months ago to visualize APEX Views and API changes over versions: https://apexdiff.foex.at

APEX diff viewer

It can give an overview of new View Colums or new API functions introduced in which APEX version

Or give you a more convenient diff-view of the interfaces

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