Get out and talk to others

Coming back from APEX connect last week in Berlin, I realized once again how important events like this are.

Having skipped some conferences in the past 6 months due to our second sons arrival, APEX connect was a welcome change to dirty diapers ;-)

Anyway, I particular want to point out the importance of getting out of your usual environment (office) and meet other people working with similar technologies. Everyone you meet at events like a conference or a meetup can be a spring of inspiration.

So please, get out and don’t be shy to just talk to anyone you see there. Everyone at conferences is there to meet others and wants to be approached. This is the same for speakers, for APEX Dev team members, and for attendees.

It’s always very inspiring to hear how others use Oracle APEX, where they struggle, and where they succeed.

And don’t think you haven’t got anything of interest to share. You do, trust me. Everything has something interesting to share, even if it is not directly related with some technical facts. Example? I can open a bottle of beer with a sheet of paper. A very helpful gift and a great conversation opener ;-)


Hope to see you at any of the following events in the near future:


4 thoughts on “Get out and talk to others

  1. Peter,

    Nice encouraging blog post. I have been working as an Oracle Developer close to 20 years now. I have the great opportunity to go attend Kscope this year for the first time. It is definitely time to get involved. I look forward to meeting you there.


  2. Jeff,

    That is fantastic news that you will be at Kscope17. Please be sure to be there for the Sunday Symposium, it’s worth it!


  3. Yes, I get in Saturday night and am looking forward to it. Thanks for the input. See you there.


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