It’s not too late, submit an abstract today!

Everyone knows I enjoy going to conferences. Not only is this a chance to meet many people I know from blogs and twitter finally in real life, but it is also a great learning experience.

At some point, after listening to dozens and hundreds of presentations on various conferences, you might come to a point where you say: I can do this, too! I, too, have something I’d like to show and share.

This is where you start submitting abstracts to your favorite conferences. This can be a regional meetup, your local usergroup, or something as awesome as Kscope.

Speaking of which, Kscope18 call for papers will end in a few days. Get your things together and submit an abstract there!

If you are new to all this, then following blog posts might be a good guidance:

If you are located in Europe and don’t get a chance to travel to the US for Kscope, then you can also consider the brand new APEX Alpe Adria conference in April 2018.

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