mobile for APEX 4.1 AND below

There is a lot of confusion going on about Oracle APEX support for mobile Phones (mobile Web-Applications).

Yesterday started Kscope 2011 with some very interesting presentations and a load of Twitter messages following that.On the one Hand it’s for sure that Oracle APEX will integrate jQuery mobile in the future, on the other Hand nobody knows (or tells) when this will happen. Most probably not for the upcoming Version 4.1 of Application Express, but maybe it comes with 4.1.1 or 4.2 or…

The good thing is: it doesn’t matter.

If you want to create mobile Web Application with Oracle APEX you can do so already, in almost any available Version of APEX (i tried it in 3.2 and 4.0, both work very well).
Just read my postings on APEX on your smartphone, you’ll see it’s no magic at all.


But Oracle APEX 4.1 (and/or the following versions) will bring some fundamental enhancements in the APEX engine that makes it even easier to create a mobile Application.
That isĀ  dynamic lists (based on a SQL Statement), Templates without a HTML-Table around Page-Items and Labels (very important!) and much more.

And, of course, Oracle will bring a full fledged mobile Theme for APEX which will include many templates for your Reports, Lists, Forms, Items, Buttons and all to look and work good on a mobile phone.

No need to wait

Still there is no need to wait. If you need/want a mobile APEX Application now you can alreay build it. Your code will work in future versions, so there is nothing lost.

And now: go on and write a mobile Application. Mobile is the future !

If you want help doing that, just contact me.

19 thoughts on “mobile for APEX 4.1 AND below

  1. Hi Peter – Would it be possible for you to provide a export of your Apex Mobile demo app so we can install and examine it in our own environment? Thanks

  2. Hi Vanj,

    at some point there will be a download, at first i’m preparing the next part of the blogpost series about mobile on APEX.

    You can also join my webinar on July 20th and ask whatever you want to know.


  3. I already registered for the webinar, looking forward to it!

    One of my big concerns is whether it is possible to maintain one version of the application that will switch between mobile/non-mobile templates automatically or will we have to maintain 2 versions? Thanks

  4. Hi Peter:

    For work reasons I missed the webinar, you could make it available to download?



  5. Um, I had registered for the webinar and it was supposed to be at 4pm but when I click on the link it says it is already over! Is this a timezone issue? My timezone is EST

  6. The webinar was help 4pm London time (5 pm Vienna time).
    Don’t worry if you missed it, there will be a recording available soon and a blogposting with some more details.

  7. Drat, I was hoping to be able to participate live, wish the GoTo meeting service had made the timezone clearer. OK will wait for the recording/slideshow. Thanks.

  8. Sorry about the confusion.

    If you have any questions after watching the recording just contact me, i’ll be happy to answer you questions.

  9. OK it needed the latest version (1.6.1) of jQuery core because it uses a new $.camelCase method


  10. Yes, VANJ, the public demo is still on an older jQuery and jQuery mobile version, not the latest one. I’m waiting for Beta 2 to change it.

  11. Peter – Thanks. 3 more questions. 1. In your webinar, you showed how the theme could be changed by using data-theme=”b” on the data-role=page container. When I tried this, it didn’t change the theme. Are there additional stylesheets to be included for this? 2. How does pagination work on mobile devices? Apex PPR doesn’t look nice, the new set of rows doesn’t have styling applied. Regular pagination causes the screen to scroll to the top. 3. If additional columns need to be shown (say on the Orders report), what listview would you use?

  12. yep.. very cool Peter!

    I’d love to be able to import your Apex Mobile demo app into my environment for exploration purposes as well? Thanks in advance.


  13. Hi Peter, I’m from Brazil and here we are working hard with Oracle Application Express, so now I need to create mobile applications with Oracle Apex and you already have this template, I would like to know how you could help us, if you have licence to use your template or some thing like that.

    Best Regards,
    Jefferson Gatty de Camargo

  14. Are there other item/button templates to be created? You have a “Filter” text fld on the Customer list page, and on FF inspection, I see it’s not one I’m familiar with.
    (I’m beginning a copy of a desktop app to a mobile version, and everyone’s impresst! Thanks!)

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