Oracle ACE Director

Oracle ACE DirectorI just got the good news that I was accepted as an Oracle ACE Director !

This is something that makes me very proud and honors my work, thanks for everyone that supported me.

If you are not familiar with the Oracle ACE Program, it is a way for Oracle to acknowledge not only technical skills but also personal engagement with the Oracle Community and Technology overall. There is even a FAQ that explains how this program works.

To me personally it is a great and very welcome way to say thanks for all the work I put in Blogs (1,2,3), Free Tools and Plugins, the APEX Forum and Conference speeches worldwide.

I can only recommend to get active and be part of the Community. As soon as you start sharing your knowledge, you’ll get more and more knowledge and help back by all other Community members.

Sharing is a great way to make your work more valuable, to others and finally to yourself!

3 thoughts on “Oracle ACE Director

  1. Peter,

    Congrats! for being an Oracle Ace Director.


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