Why i’m going to Kscope 13

Only a little over 6 weeks, then this years Kscope Conference starts in New Orleans.

Last year i had the honor to present there for the first time and i absolutely loved it.

Here’s why…

I’m doing my fair share of travelling and attending several conferences, mostly around europe, and i’ve seen larger and smaller conferences, some with more technical focus and others with more of a management level focus.

ODTUGs KScope is very special there, since this is the only conference i attended so far, where not only the speakers are excellent, but also the audience has a very good skill level. And you can feel that everyone in the audience is there to learn and exchange with others. I haven’t seen a single person going to Kscope last year who wasn’t fascinated by the sheer amount of excellent content you can learn from.

But its not only the presentations you can learn from, before and after you can easily approach the speakers and have a nice chat. Or hang out with them for lunch or a cold beverage at the bar. Everyone there is approachable, there are no barriers and nothing you can’t ask or talk about.

If that doesn’t convince you, here are some numbers:

And if you think those boring numbers aren’t enough then check our Roels post on what else can happen on great conferences like this.

I’ll be there and so should you.

See you at the APEX sessions!

If you haven’t got your ticket yet, then hurry up and get one. Use the promotion code “FOEX” to get $100 off !

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