Why the Trim Spaces setting on APEX items is important

Oracle APEX offers a declarative setting for Text and Textarea items to “Trim Spaces”, which would remove leading/trailing spaces from the user input before saving the value to the database.

A good example why this is important can be seen in the Page Designer itself. In a customer project we recently stumbled over that. If you accidentally enter a blank into the CSS File URL section…

…you end up with a ressource not found error in the network tab of developer tools and in some browsers even a error message in the console.

This happens, because APEX actually tries to request the “blank” file as a stylesheet.

So, better switch on that Trim Spaces setting, unless you really want to save those blanks.

One thought on “Why the Trim Spaces setting on APEX items is important

  1. Thanks Nice, i need that . BUT WHERE CAN I FIND THIS SETTING?????

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