Why you should sponsor an event

I love to go to Oracle meetings, conferences, trainings, and all that. Why? I actually like my job and I want to get better at it. Also I’m very lazy and always look for shortcuts and easier ways to do things.

Going to an Oracle (APEX) event is always very valuable for me (you can substitute Oracle or APEX for whatever field you are working in, but mine is #orclapex and I’m grateful I ended up in this corner). On such events you hear interesting stories, hear about projects, meet people, and often just have fun.

All of that is extremely important for my well being. It helps me to create better applications, be faster, find more versatile solutions, and simply enjoy my work more. It brings new ideas and freshens up everything. Suddenly I have answers I couldn’t think about a week before.

Great, you are saying. I’m coming, too. But why should I (or my company/employer) sponsor that event?

Well, think about the audience and the possibilities. Are you looking for talent? Are you looking to get your brand known in an expert group? Are you trying to expand into a new market? Do you simply want to say “Thank you” to your community?

There are thousands of possible reasons. Especially in a time where available talent is rare, a potential Employer should try to make the most of it and be at the source to attract them.

So get out there and give back to the community!

One way could be to be part of APEX Alpe Adria 2018. An APEX conference for the Adriatic region where we do try our best not to make any money of our attendees and rather join with Sponsors.

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