One of many small enhancements in Oracle APEX 5.0 is a small utility that can be used to help debugging an APEX application from SQLPLUS or sqlcl.

If you haven’t heard: APEX 5.0 is out !

And I finally got some time on my hands to do my usual “diff” between the new and previous version to point out all API and View changes.

To me this is a very valuable exercise to absorb all new information and to get to know all new Features of a version. Because everything I find in View and API changes, must also be reflected in the APEX UI (Builder, Settings, …), right?
Well, lets say this is right most of the time. Sometimes I also stumble across hidden gems, which makes this even more valuable to me.

Currently there are multiple positions open for APEX Developers locally in Vienna/Austria.

Hi everyone and happy “new” year!

This year’s resolution is to do even more APEX. Is this possible, you might ask?

Sure, for example on Feb 19 2015 at our next orclapex Vienna Meetup.

Hope to see you there. Patrick and Christian will provide us with the latest news of APEX 5 and tell us more about Early Adopter #3.

Don’t waste any more time: RSVP yes.

As preparation for my Presentation about Worst Practices in Oracle APEX I set up a survey using the Survey Builder Packaged Application. Please help out and fill in the survey: There will be a follow up post with details on worst practices and survey results.   Thanks for your time, Peter

orclapex Meetup group Vienna

For a long while now I’m having this idea to initiate an APEX group on some social network to bring APEX Fans together and have regular meetings in my hometown Vienna, Austria. This idea in mind I met Dan McGhan at APEX World 2014 in Zeist, Netherlands. While talking about this and that we discovered [...]

APEX 5.0 Early Adopter has arrived

Suddenly a big thunder rolled through the APEX community -> Version 5.0 has arrived in an early adopter version, as published on Joel Kallmans Blog (as usual on a friday, late night over here in europe).

human readable URLs in Oracle APEX – Part 3

In the first two parts of this blogpost series we covered the basics and the technique on how to provide nice/friendly/readable URLs for a public APEX Application. If you haven’t read the other two parts, please go back and read part 1, then read part 2. Done? Ok, lets continue.

human readable URLs in Oracle APEX – Part 2

In the first part of this Blogpost Series we touched some fundamentals and finally listed some options. If you haven’t read it, yet, please do now before continuing here. The last post ended with me saying I found a way for hrURLs that works with APEX Listener, mod_plsql and EPG. I haven’t tested the Thoth [...]

hrURL – human readable URLs in Oracle APEX

Searching the APEX Forum for nice URLs is as old as Oracle APEX itself, so far without much luck. There is magic switch that forces APEX to create readable URLs. As part of preparing my Presentation “Going Public” for Kscope 2014 in Seattle, I investigated the available methods on providing readable URLs and found some [...] has been upgraded on Sept 6th 2013 to Version, which means a release of APEX 4.2.3 is close.

My presentations at Kscope13

Friday night i finally arrived after a long flight from Vienna to Washington to New Orleans, whereas the flights were pretty good, it is just that endless series of waiting lines that is tiresome. Anyway, i’m here and – as usual – still working on my slides and demos with the hope to impress at [...]

New release of the APEX Developer Addon

After the APEX Developer Addon broke in Chrome 27, I had to change the underlying architecture and do a rewrite of the Addon basis. Some nice guys helped me Beta-Test that over the last week. Now it should be good to go.

Change color of List Divider in mobile APEX Applications

This is a quick one, if you have followed my other mobile blog posts. When creating the mobile guide to the AOUG Conference 2013 (taking place June 17 and 18 in a historic Brewery in Vienna, Austria), i found myself creating a new theme using the themeroller, but still not getting the perfect result i [...]

APEX Developer Addon broken in Chrome 27

With Chrome Version 27 a security bug in the browser was fixed which caused the APEX Developer Addon to break. Thanks to all sending me a reply about that, i’m currently working on a fix and hope to be able to provide that soon. In the meantime please stay calm and use Firefox instead. P.S.: [...]

get the Developer Toolbar back for mobile APEX Applications

When developing mobile applications with APEX 4.2 you’ll find the developer toolbar on the page bottom is missing. This can be a little bit annoying when investigating misbehaving applications. Oracle recognizes this as Issue 14749955 with the workaround to access the toolbar functions through a desktop page…

Why i’m going to Kscope 13

Only a little over 6 weeks, then this years Kscope Conference starts in New Orleans. Last year i had the honor to present there for the first time and i absolutely loved it. Here’s why…

Is public Session zero active?

Yesterday i needed to find out if the current page of an application is rendered using the public Session 0 (zero). Seems to be a trivial task, simply look up :APP_SESSION and there you find …

Improve the APEX mobile Theme – Part 4

This is Part 4 in my Blogpost Series on improving the APEX mobile Theme. I recommend to read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 before continuing here. We already talked about report templates and apex list templates, this time we’ll take a look at the Popup LOV.

Improve the APEX mobile Theme – Part 3

This is Part 3 in my Blogpost Series on improving the APEX mobile Theme. I recommend to read Part 1 and Part 2 before continuing here. In this Post we deal with a special list template which we will use to create a Icon Home Screen (or a Icon Menu).

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