In a few weeks this years ODTUG Kscope conference will take placed in San Antonio, Texas, US.

Time to share my 5 favorite sessions at this awesome and inspiring conference.

Coming back from APEX connect last week in Berlin, I realized once again how important events like this are.

Yesterday I put a question on twitter, to find out what others prefer: table names using singular or plural form. I expected one or two replies, not an avalanche :-)

Kurz notiert: am 4.11.2016 gibts ein APEX Frühstücks-Meetup mit vielen neuen Infos zu Oracle APEX.

Bitte hier anmelden:

Thanks Tim for coming up with that great idea. My favorite feature is the Oracle APEX Metadata Repository.

That’s a looong title, right? I got a questions like that in the past year on a regular basis: “do you know how to remove the Set Screen Reader Mode On link from an APEX application footer without breaking the universal theme subscription?”

As announced on Twitter, Oracle APEX Patchset 5.0.4 is released. Download the full release or get the Patch 23192730 from What’s new/changed, besides the obvious listed in the Patch Release notes?

Just a quick note: I’ll be holding a 1-day APEX training class on April 21st in Vienna, Austria. In this training I’ll teach you how to debug your APEX applications, how to find problems and bugs and how to speed up your application. Interested? Go here and sign up:

In the last post I showed how you can upload a custom theme to the instance repository so that all your developers can choose that theme within the create application wizard. And more importantly, subscribe that theme from the theme repository. Now the next question is how to update that public theme so that all […]

The Universal Theme introduced with APEX 5 is immensly good looking and comes with a powerful Theme Roller to customize it. With that new theme most, if not all, older themes are obsolete. That leaves us just with a few corporate designs which can’t (or don’t want to) be replaced by the UT. Now ideally […]

Are you in Vienna/Austria on February 25th 2016 and interested in APEX? Then you have to come and join us at the “APEX in the Cloud Day” – reserve your seat right away!

At yesterdays APEX Meetup in Vienna someone asked if there is a way to switch an Interactive Report programmatically (using Javascript) to Icon / List / Report – View in APEX 5, since gReport doesn’t exist anymore (which could do the job before APEX 5).

Quick note: I finally managed to get the APEX Developer Addon signed by Mozilla and therefor working again in Firefox 43 upwards. Please re-download and install, version of the Addon in Firefox is now No changes for Chrome. Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for all those mails I got.

Last year was very eventful at FOEX, which kept me occupied and kept me from blogging. Thankfully I managed to attend a few conferences and stay in touch with the community through Twitter and Slack on FOEX is growing a lot and needed a new website design, so we had a brainstorming meeting and […]

One of many small enhancements in Oracle APEX 5.0 is a small utility that can be used to help debugging an APEX application from SQLPLUS or sqlcl.

If you haven’t heard: APEX 5.0 is out ! And I finally got some time on my hands to do my usual “diff” between the new and previous version to point out all API and View changes. To me this is a very valuable exercise to absorb all new information and to get to know […]

Currently there are multiple positions open for APEX Developers locally in Vienna/Austria.

Hi everyone and happy “new” year! This year’s resolution is to do even more APEX. Is this possible, you might ask? Sure, for example on Feb 19 2015 at our next orclapex Vienna Meetup. Hope to see you there. Patrick and Christian will provide us with the latest news of APEX 5 and tell us […]

As preparation for my Presentation about Worst Practices in Oracle APEX I set up a survey using the Survey Builder Packaged Application. Please help out and fill in the survey: There will be a follow up post with details on worst practices and survey results.   Thanks for your time, Peter

orclapex Meetup group Vienna

For a long while now I’m having this idea to initiate an APEX group on some social network to bring APEX Fans together and have regular meetings in my hometown Vienna, Austria. This idea in mind I met Dan McGhan at APEX World 2014 in Zeist, Netherlands. While talking about this and that we discovered […]

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