praganitsch Hello and welcome to “get along with Oracle and APEX”, a private blog dealing about Oracle stuff in general and lots and lots of Oracle APEX.

My name is Peter Raganitsch, I’m founder and director of click-click IT Solutions, a company located in Vienna, Austria specialized in Oracle APEX.

In June 2012 I also co-founded FOEX (with Matt and Chris), a company specialized in providing rich Plugins for Oracle APEX.

With this Blog i’m trying to share my daily experiences and help others avoiding some pitfalls and maybe you can find here just the piece of information you were looking for to get along with your Project.

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this Blog are my private opinions and do not necessarily represent the opinion of my employer or anyone else.

I started as a software developer in 1994, at first writing transactional systems with DEC Pascal on OpenVMS but very soon changed to database programming.
Not long after that i was promoted to the user interface team, using Forms 3.0.

That’s where i met Patrick Wolf and learned to appreciate his way to work and his dedication to create proper Software.

Over the last years i worked with Forms 3.0 to 10gR2, Database version 7.3 to 11 and started with APEX when 3.0 came out.

Since Patrick now works for Oracle itself and adds his magic to APEX i took the OpenSource Framework ApexLib over from him and continue to work on it.

So, that’s that, enjoy my Blog!

I you have any questions just post a comment or get in touch with me via XING or LinkedIn.

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