APEX Static Files not served, ORDS returns 404 or why reading logfiles help

On a recent installation we had problems serving APEX static files (application and workspace), they would always report a 404 not found back from ORDS.

Of course I checked all required DB users and the ORDS config files, but couldn’t find anything obvious. Also no REST service defined in APEX would work.

By looking into the tomcat logfile I found a strange error:


with a whole Java Exception stack behind it.

At some other place in the logfile ORDS actually recommends what to do:

Please run the following command and restart Oracle REST Data Services:
java -jar ords.war validate --database apex

And then I realized what happened: I had APEX 18.1 and ORDS 18.2 installed on this server, but then reverted back to APEX 5.1.4. Of course we need to tell ORDS that something changed.

So after running java -jar ords.war validate –database apex and restarting tomcat everything worked just fine.

This just shows how important it is to actually read logfiles.


3 thoughts on “APEX Static Files not served, ORDS returns 404 or why reading logfiles help

  1. May i add me two cents?
    We should run java -jar ords.war after every upgrade of ords.war
    It will renew DB scheme of ords.

  2. Great,
    Thank you, I met this issue with APEX19 and it solved with this command.

  3. Thank you very much, I have been looking for how to solve the issue with the static work files not showing after install ords. Your solution works !!

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