Hidden mobile Support in Oracle APEX 4.1

Mark Sewtz just revealed a secret: Oracle APEX already contains more support for mobile Applications as expected.

I had to try it out and see what’s new.

What i have found is 2 places where you can choose between desktop and mobile browser and one place where you can enter mobile defaults.


Edit Theme now has a section to enter the template defaults for mobile.

Edit Page Template let’s you choose between desktop and mobile browser.

Create Page Wizard lets you choose if you want to create a page for desktop or for mobile browser.

All these settings don’t have a functional impact on your application. I just helps you to choose the right options.

With Oracle APEX 4.2, when mobile support is fully enabled, i expect to see more things like this as well as an impact on functionality. For example loading the jQuery mobile libraries or switching between Flash- and HTML5-Charts.

  1. lily on December 20, 2011

    hi,I can’t find you say in apex 4.1

  2. Peter Raganitsch on December 20, 2011

    Hi Lily,

    what exactly can’t you find? Did you read Marc’s post and set the switch to on?

  3. lily on December 24, 2011

    I install apex 4.1,but can’t find the Hidden mobile Support

  4. Luis Medina on March 12, 2012


    Which version are we talking about here …?

    I have installed and see no mobile support…

    I’m quite new to Apex, “Edit Theme now has a section to enter the template defaults for mobile” How do i get there…?

  5. Peter Raganitsch on March 14, 2012

    Hi Luis,

    this is already advanced programming of Oracle APEX.

    I think a good starting point to learn APEX and understand the concepts are the Tutorials provided by Oracle. For example the “2-Day Developers Guide”