APEX 5.0 Early Adopter has arrived

Suddenly a big thunder rolled through the APEX community -> Version 5.0 has arrived in an early adopter version, as published on Joel Kallmans Blog (as usual on a friday, late night over here in europe).

Over the past 10-15 month we saw numerous presentations of what we can expect in APEX 5, and many of us had our own ideas.

As soon as I got word through twitter I applied for a workspace and started to explore the new features, most important the Page Designer.

Well, what can I tell you? It looks awesome, developers will love the new Page Designer and it will boost the developer productivity even more.

Of course there are still some glitches, don’t forget this is the first EA! Final 5.0 will be a dream :-)

Next to the Page Designer, there is a whole bunch of other new features and improvements.

More on that tomorrow.

In the meantime go to https://apexea.oracle.com/i/index.html and watch the videos, get a workspace and play with APEX 5.0 !


P.S.: many thanks to the APEX Development Team. You guys rock!

P.P.S.: also thanks for finally including syntax highlighting. Always better to have that stuff built into the product itself, than trying to frickle that in with a browser addon :-)

2 thoughts on “APEX 5.0 Early Adopter has arrived

  1. Finally… Will FOEX and ApexLib support Apex 5.0?

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