APEX Survey

As a big fan of APEX Packaged Applications I always wanted to have a real life usecase for the Survey Builder.

Finally we got around to setting up a survey to get an understanding of the current State of APEX Usage/Development worldwide.

You can take the survey here: < survey has been closed by now >

The aim of this survey is to create a report and share with everyone interested. This should help to get a common understanding of how APEX is used today and also give the APEX development team some indication of the important areas.

Since you already spend a minute to read this post, you should definitely answer the survey.

By the end of January we aim to provide the results and a report over here: https://www.foex.at/state-of-apex-development

2 thoughts on “APEX Survey

  1. I love how easy it is to upgrade and maintain APEX

  2. Ha ha! I found this while searching for solutions. I didn’t look at the date. I clicked the link, went to the survey. I got a pop-up about not invited or invalid survey, and then was allowed to take it. Right up to the end, that is. At the end, there’s no SUBMIT now (what, some FIVE months after the survey was launched?)
    Oh well. My answers helped cement what I dislike about APEX, and issues w/ the survey, so at last I have a pleasant exercise.

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