Use a directory structure as Image Prefix in APEX

Usually the APEX images reside in a directory on your server called /i/, which can be changed on instance or application level.

In 95% of all cases I saw, the image prefix is /i/, sometimes it is extended by a version number like /i501/ or /i181/.

Did you know, you can use a whole directory structure (path) as image prefix?

Today this was required by a customer, to nest this path, e.g. as /apex/182/images/

To my surprise is simply works like that, no questions asked.

Set it for a specific application in Shared Components / User Interface Attributes:

It is also possible to change the image prefix for the whole APEX instance using the script reset_image_prefix.sql, which resides in the utilities folder of the

Now the HTML source generated by APEX reflects this new image prefix:

I thought I would blog this, since it was so easy to achieve and so useful for today’s requirement.

2 thoughts on “Use a directory structure as Image Prefix in APEX

  1. So, I can get this to work on an application level when I create a new directory (/i19/) on the Apache tomcat web server. But when attempting to run application from ide on the database server, it doesn’t run (cannot find the files). The page Keeps requesting username and password for http://dbservername:port. What do you think I’m doing wrong? We two dbs running on the server, one has apex 5.0 using the /i/ directory, and the other running apex 19, which has the different images folder required.

  2. @Detnarp: my recommendation is to always use ORDS+Tomcat, and most of the time even Apache or nginx in front of Tomcat. Then you’ll never have those problems.

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