ApexLib Framework on Oracle APEX 4.2?

In my previous Post i tried to shed some light on all the different areas ApexLib is covering.

This time I’d like to tell you about the future of the ApexLib Framework on and after Oracle Application Express 4.2.

Long story short: there will be no ApexLib Framework Version for Oracle APEX 4.2

Wait…Why? Whats going on?

Ok, here is the longer version:

Years ago, in the dark ages of Oracle APEX 2.x and 3.x People were longing for Features that APEX didn’t provide at that time (e.g. cascading LOVs). The ApexLib Framework was (due to the lack of Plugins) a comfortable way to workaround those missing Features.

Since Version 4.0 APEX isn’t limited anymore, everybody can add Components and Processes using Plugins. If Users want more interactivity, one can easily add that using Dynamic Actions without the need to understand Javascript.

Also many things that the ApexLib Framework provided are now part of APEX itself. And this makes me very happy. ApexLib was never meant to be there forever, it was always a temporary workaround. Now this workaround isn’t necessary anymore. Less and less People are using the ApexLib Framework, most Developers started to use Plugins and DA’s.

So i figured the upcoming release of Oracle APEX is a good opportunity to say “Farewell ApexLib Framework, you help literally thousands of Developers creating better Applications”.

That also means: thanks Patrick, for inventing this wonderful Framework. And thanks to all in the APEX Development Team to make this workaround obsolete.

How do I remove ApexLib Framework from my Application?

If you have¬† an existing Application on APEX¬† 4.x which uses the ApexLib Framework AND plan to upgrade to Oracle APEX 4.2 in the near future (once its released…), then you should start right away to rip ApexLib calls out of your Application and switch to native Features (APEX Errorhandling, Cascading LOVs, TabForm Validations, …) or – where needed – Dynamic Actions and Plugins.

I’m sure there will be some questions in particular situations. Feel free to post a comment or send me a mail to apexlib@oracleapex.info .

8 thoughts on “ApexLib Framework on Oracle APEX 4.2?

  1. I got in waaaay to late on the ApexLib thing, but have been using the ApexLib Developer Addon as soon as I found out about it. And I love it! Thanks for making it available. I can only imagine how many hours you’ve poured into it.

  2. Good News for you is that the Developer Addon will be improved further and also adapted for APEX 4.2 (or it already has been fixed to work for APEX 4.2).

  3. Peter,
    THX for your work … regardless it is retired now. Appreciate for Apex propaganda ..
    Damir Vadas

  4. Hi Peter,

    I really admire your ApexLib work and it has made me dependent on that. I am finding it very difficult to convert my complete application to new version without ApexLib.

    Anyway I have to do it. Many many thanks for your valuable contribution to developers community.


  5. Naveed,

    The ApexLib Framework is Open Source, so you could always make the necessary code changes to keep it running in APEX 4.2 and beyond.

  6. Have been using apexlib for a long time but we are in the process of moving all our APEX apps from 3.01 to 4.2

    and we are really struggling to remove the framework does anyone have any instructions ??

    continually getting errors on the APEXLIB_ERROR

    many thanks


  7. Hi Christopher,

    actually it is pretty straight forward to remove Apexlib: follow the instructions on how to integrate Apexlib and remove those calls.

    You can also use the application-search in APEX 4.2 (the search box on the top-righthand corner in the application builder) and search for APEXLIB.

  8. Thanks Peter for a great tool. I worked on one 3.x project with apexlib when I first started & it covered many shortfalls. The browser extension continues to be handy, but it looks like apex5 might see us through.

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