Automated integration of ApexLib in your Application

The first time i used ApexLib in a Project i thought
“Man, this is cool stuff!”,
directly followed by another thought:
“Why is this so awful complicated to add to my application? There need to be a one-click installation so everyone can use it!”.

And that lead me to my first ApexLib enhancement: a script which integrates ApexLib in your existing APEX Application. You don’t need to create dozens of regions by hand anymore, its all done by this script.

It works like this (on windows, similiar on other systems):

  • open a Command-Box (Start -> Run -> Cmd)
  • change to the Scripts directory of ApexLib  (e.g. cd \ApexLib\Scripts)
  • connect to your database using SQLPLUS as SYS or Application-User (e.g. SQLPLUS myappluser/myapplpassword)
  • execute the script ApexLib_integrate_into_application.sql (e.g. @ApexLib_integrate_into_application.sql)
  • enter the id of the application you want to use ApexLib with

Done !

Now lean back and enjoy ;-)

2 thoughts on “Automated integration of ApexLib in your Application

  1. hi, we cant get the “ApexLib_integrate_into_application.sql ” to work it fails on the package variable “g_security_id must be set” ,
    does any one has an ide what wrong ?

  2. Hi Iris,

    there is an error in the script if you try to run it as SYS (i’ll fix that in the documentation), please run the script as parsing schema owner.

    This script is for first time integration only, if you want to upgrade from a previous version please follow the step-by-step instructions over here:

    You’ll see, there is not much change in the structure since 1.6, but there are some additional function calls and new application items.


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