Create better XLIFF Files for Oracle APEX Translations

One of the many good things about Oracle APEX is the builtin capability to create multilingual Applications. It gives you a set of tools to translate your Application and provide it in multiple languages at the same time.

One of the Key Components of this Translation Mechanism is the creation of an XLIFF File. This File contains all text strings of your Application (that is all your UI Strings, not your Data) and from which to which language it should be translated.

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Enhance the APEX 4.0 Search Box

Oracle APEX 4.0 brought us a “Search Application” functionality which helps really a lot.

Not only can you search there for strings in your application code, you also can enter an page-id and jump directly to the page.

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Plugin: Address validation and display map

Sometimes you want a user to enter an address which later on can be used to display it on a map. Now you want to make sure, that the user sees what the the map will look like and where his entered address is shown on the map.

This comes in very handy for those users who always seems to forget to enter the whole address.

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Plugin: resizeable Textarea (remembers Size)

When that little box on that web form you need to fill in is simply too small to show all your information at once, you wish to make the box bigger.

Some browsers let you change the size of text-boxes (textarea), others don’t. So if the programmer of that page doesn’t give the textarea some javascript to be resizeable you are stuck with the given size.

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