Plugin: resizeable Textarea (remembers Size)

When that little box on that web form you need to fill in is simply too small to show all your information at once, you wish to make the box bigger.

Some browsers let you change the size of text-boxes (textarea), others don’t. So if the programmer of that page doesn’t give the textarea some javascript to be resizeable you are stuck with the given size.

The default Textarea item of APEX 4.0 has an attribute called “resizeable” which enables the user to change its width and height.
This is a dream come true at first, but as soon as you come across that page again, the size is set back to the default.

This can be very nagging, especially when you come across that page a lot and this box is ridiculous small.

And now my new Plugin comes to the rescue: it is a resizeable textarea AND it remembers its width and height for the next time you (and only you, not that other user) come again to this page.

You can find Documentation to that Plugin over here.

How does it work?

There is some javascript code which enables the textarea to be resizeable at all, which is the same as in the original APEX textarea item.

As soon as you are finished resizing the box (when you release the mouse button which holds the resize-handle) an AJAX Call is sent to the server to store the width and height of the box for this very textarea-item for the currently logged on user in an APEX Preference.

The next time this textarea is rendered the Preference is read at first and the textarea is set to the stored width and height.


I put that Plugin on, there is also a demo over here.

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