Plugin Competition – Win a Prize!

Today (Tuesday March 27th 2012) started the first ODTUG APEX Plugin Competition. This is a chance for everybody to submit their self created Plugins to get reviewed, judged and maybe win one of the many Prizes available.

Plugins will be judged upon skill level of its creator. That means beginners and experts will not be in the same category, to make it fair to everyone.

Read all the Details on Martins Blog and see the rules on the ODTUG Page.

To participate in the competition go to and login/register to submit your Plugin.

Judges for this Competition are: Martin, Dan, Tobias, Learco, John, Dimitri, myself and of course Patrick as the inventor of Plugins.

Don’t hesitate to submit your Plugin, even if you think you won’t make the first prize. It’s also about getting a Review and maybe valuable Feedback by the judges.

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