What are Matt and Peter planning?

After last weeks announcement that Matt Nolan and I are going to work together we got many tweets and mails asking what it is we are planning to do.

As everyone knows Matt is a wizard when it comes to complex Plugins, especially when using ExtJS.

I, on the other hand, see my strengths in putting things together and make it easy to use.

With all our experience in APEX and working in countless Projects we combine our strengths to create an astonishing product.

What will it be?

APEX, of course. Plugins. A Framework.

Everything working together and easy to use, even for not so experienced APEX Developers.

It’ll open up new possibilities. Up to now APEX Applications have been very lightweight and more on the static side. Using our Products everyone can create very rich APEX Applications, even one Page AJAX Apps without any submit will be possible.

Over the next weeks we are going to tell more and more about what exactly we’ve been working on for months now, and what the timeline to the first release will be.

3 thoughts on “What are Matt and Peter planning?

  1. a match made in heaven.

    Cant wait for your products.


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