You might be wondering…

You might be wondering what is going on behind the scenes.

We’ve previously talked a little about our joint venture and what we are planning to do,and now you are probably wondering when it all begins?

Truth is, all of us are working really hard to surprise you with something you haven’t seen before. In a good way, of course :-)

And there is a lot to do:

  • Setting up a company
  • Getting coders on board
  • Writing plugins
  • Building a complete framework
  • Testing the whole lot
  • Packaging it all and making commercially available

But we’ve got it under control, and we’re not planning to be the next XY Consultants. We are a software company and believe in what we do by eating our own dog food. So you can also expect to get some ready-to-run-Apps, but we’re saving that for Phase 2 along with our very own Sencha Touch framework for APEX.

Our primary goal is to create the best Plugins and Software the “world of Oracle APEX” has ever seen and hand them over to you to use. To help you build even better Applications than you are already doing.

Stay tuned as we’ve got a feeling you won’t be waiting much longer…

4 thoughts on “You might be wondering…

  1. Funny I was thinking about you guys this morning. One of our projects is delayed due to some political nonsense. I hope that within the next two months you guys have something, as I would be the first one to use it on a real project for a government system. We are rewriting a Powerbuilder C/S application in Apex. It is quite a big application. I hope you are not going to keep us waiting for another 4-6 months.

  2. I am very curious,… i was also thinking about it yesterday,.. and today you post a new blogitem….
    Like i said,… very curious what you guys are doing!

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