ApexLib 2.0 released

It’s finally done !

ApexLib Version 2.0 is released, go over there and download it and enjoy the new functions.

What’s new?

Have fun using it and maybe drop me a note if you like it or don’t: apexlib@oracleapex.info

3 thoughts on “ApexLib 2.0 released

  1. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for releasing ApexLib v2.0.

    I have couple of questions,
    # Would this be work on http://www.apex.oracle.com site?
    # Would it be conflict with the jQuery / jQuery UI which I used within in my application on IE8?

    The reason to ask these questions is that I have downloaded v1.7 when it was released then it was giving me a problem every now & then as it was conflicting with jQuery (1.3.2) within my application on IE8.

    Please clarify me and let me know how can I use so it won’t conflict with jQuery and on IE8.

    PS: also send me the reply onto my personal email id.


  2. Hi Bhavin

    Yes, you can use ApexLib also on apex.oracle.com. In the ApexLib-Download-Zip the file ApexLib_Install_for_apex_oracle_com.sql is included which allows you to install ApexLib on apex.oracle.com (OTN). Simply import it as Apex Application.
    You might want to update the Packages, though, as there were some hotfixes which made it into the Zip-File but not into ApexLib_Install_for_apex_oracle_com.sql

    ApexLib 2.0 uses jQuery 1.3.2 with “noconflict”, so it shouldn’t interfere with your existing used jQuery version.

  3. Thanks Peter for your prompt reply.

    I will do as per your suggestion.


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