Famous APEX Builder Plugin now ready for APEX 4.0

The Oracle APEX Builder Plugin is a productivity and usability enhancement tool for the development environment of Oracle Application Express (APEX).

It integrates with Firefox and Internet Explorer to put a wealth of new features to your favourite development tool. The good news is, it’s Open Source and you can use it for free!

After reading Håvard Kristiansen Blogpost about Hotkeys for APEX 4.0 i decided to take Patrick Wolf‘s APEX BuilderPlugin and adapt it to be used with APEX 4.0.

It was easier than i thought, basically only the HTML Structure of the APEX Builder had changed and the BuilderPlugin needed different jQuery Selectors.

The new Version 2.0 of the APEX BuilderPlugin now supports APEX 4.0 and 3.x.

Please read the Documentation to get a grip on what the BuilderPlugin can do for you.

I also added some default Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • F8: Run Application
  • F10: Apply Changes or Create Button
  • Ctrl+Shift+S: go to Shared Components
  • Ctrl+Shift+E: go to Edit Page
  • Ctrl+Shift+>: go to next Page/Wizard Step
  • Ctrl+Shift+<: go to previous Page/Wizard Step

You can easily change the defined Shortcuts by editing the apex_builder_plugin.js File as described in the documentation.

Note: When using the ApexLib Framework, the BuilderPlugin adds ApexLib Sections to the Builder where you can easily define the ApexLib Settings.

Now download the BuilderPlugin and enjoy the new comfort of your APEX Builder :-)

4 thoughts on “Famous APEX Builder Plugin now ready for APEX 4.0

  1. Hi Peter!

    Great work! I can’t imagine working with APEX without the shortcut keys anymore.

    I have to disagree on the ctrl+shift+>/<, I always use that key combination in text fields to mark whole words. But that is just me :-) Easy enough to customize anyway.

    Does it work in Chrome?


  2. Hi Håvard,

    i didn’t try Chrome yet, because FF is my favourite development browser (because of all the nice addons like Firebug), but i would assume it will do it’s job there, too :-)

    Maybe i find some time to test chrome with the builder-plugin.

    Thanks to you and your blogpost in july i finally managed to motivate myself to make the BuilderPlugin fit for APEX 4.0 :-)


  3. Hi, I still have this plugin installed, and every now and again it tells me there is a new version to download. Just to double-check I re-downloaded version 2.1.1 today and re-installed it but I still get the message. Is it possible to disable the check? Is this plugin ever going to be updated again? I have “ApexLib APEX Developer Addon” as well, does it supersede this?

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