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Last Week i had a customer requirement for an easy method to enter a date, but only month and year.

Using the Date Picker Item it wasn’t possible to show a popup without the days, so I began a search and found a month picker jQuery Plugin.

Using that it was easy to create an APEX Plugin with simple settings:


Get the Plugin at or try a demo over here at first.

7 thoughts on “Plugin: Month Picker

  1. bei Apex4.0 und IE 9 funktioniert das Popup nicht – nur bei Firefox. Aber Apex sollte meiner Ansicht bei allen Browsern funktionieren. Habe auch die Site auf popup erlauben gesetzt – kein Erfolg

  2. Hi Peter,
    What does the plugin return?
    I worked with the plugin and used it in a where statement in my query.
    I used the ‘/’ seperator and in my query used to_char(date,’mm/yyyy’).
    My query doesn’t give me an answer.


  3. Raoul,
    what exactly are you trying to do?

    How are you using the Plugin in a Query?

    It’s an Item Plugin that displays a field with a month picker and stores a DATE according to your format.

  4. Hi Peter,
    Tnx for the answer. It fixed my issue.

    Now I see something strange. When I use the month picker and pass the value in the picker to a hidden item in another page the ‘/’ gets substituted with ‘%2F’. I guess thats the html url encoding.
    Currently I just replace it again in the new page with the ‘/’.
    But is it possible to pass the value as is?

    For example: 02/2012 becomes 02%2F2012, can it be 02/2012 to 02/2012


  5. Hi Peter,

    Just as month-picker, I came to know about a jquery plugin date-time-picker when one of the OTN forum members @Andrew Tulley put a question about its implementation in Oracle APEX.

    Here is example link of date-time-picker:

    With custom-built HTML page and including the downloaded jquery UI the above add-on is working fine, but when put to test in Oracle APEX I was not able to work it out even after including the required js and css files!

    Please refresh my thought process on this.


  6. Apex version :
    OS Win 7
    IE 8
    Month Date picker icon is not appearing
    Status Bar displays error

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