Question: apexlib not defined

One of the most common errors, and yet not sufficiently answered…

After Installation of ApexLib and Integration into your Application you are all eager to get it running, but all you get is an error in Firebug saying “apexlib not defined”.

ApexLib not defined? What can cause that?

  • The main JavaScript File of ApexLib (ApexLib_Full-min.js) can’t be found, or
  • the javascript File wasn’t included

At first we check Firebug’s Network Tab to see if the Javascript File was found:

As we can see in the picture, ApexLib_Full wasn’t found, but at least we tried to load it ;-)

So lets check the Region “ApexLib – Javascript/CSS” on Page 0 (that’s the place where we include the ApexLib Files by default).

And there we found it: a simple typo in the Filename “ApexLib_Full .js” where it should read “ApexLib_Full-min.js”.

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