You got any Questions?

As i was checking my site stats the other day i stumbled across the section “Last search terms” and found there many questions. Obviously people were looking for an answer and somehow landed on this blog.

That, i figured, should be rewarded.

So i’m opening a series of blog posts which deal with those Questions and provide all 2-3 weeks a short answer. Short and to the point (i hope).

Of course i recommend asking questions on the official (and very active) Forum, but some things are better explained in a blog with one or to pictures for illustration.

And now, if you want to ask something, just drop a comment or search for it :-)

2 thoughts on “You got any Questions?

  1. This was helpful to me. Thanks!
    Do you know if there is a way to return to the same records in the report after the refresh? i.e. if the user was on a page displaying records 41 – 50, I would like to return to that page.
    Thanks again!

  2. as you have suggested I entered the created workspace credentials and submitted password. Page is getting redirected to Internal /admin login page?

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