ApexLib runs with APEX 4.0

Just to let you know, ApexLib continues to make Oracle APEX a better product and works with also with APEX 4.0 .

As soon as there is a stable release of APEX 4.0 i’ll decide if there is any need for a special version of ApexLib for APEX 4.0. At the moment it looks as if ApexLib works as expected, but some of its features are obsolete due to enhancements of Application Express.

Other Features of ApexLib can be achieved by using new Plugin types.

But: ApexLib development continues, i’m working on some nice features which even don’t exist in APEX 4.0 :-)

If you have any special requirements or would like to see a special new feature in ApexLib just drop a comment and i’ll see what can be done (in my spare time…).

3 thoughts on “ApexLib runs with APEX 4.0

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  2. Look like the javascript(doSubmit) will not work anymore if APEXLIB is installed with APEX 4.0.

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